Monday, July 2, 2007

Neat and Tidy

So how else could a novel about a national crisis and political infighting end but all wrapped up neat and tidy with no uncomfortable loose ends or painful tragedies. No one dies, no one looses everything or has to make a painful decision that will shatter their lives for ever. Everyone lives happily ever after. People make their decisions, change their lives around for the positive, and ride off into the sunset happy and fulfilled.

Maybe I am just jaded. Maybe I am used to being left guessing, left wonding if the lives of the characters I have just shared so much with will reach a positive end. But I am still left guessing. I am used to things falling apart, the end being left open to a sundry of different possibilities, both positive and negative.

"Boomsday" was a hysterical and sometimes scathing commentary on our current political system and all of its many skitzo personalities. But it did not leave me guessing what was going to happen next, or how these things would be resolved. Because all of the problems got wrapped up in a nice tidy package and mailed off to me in the final ten pages of the book, so now I have no reason to worry about the moral or philisophical implications of the last 300 pages. Mr. Buckley did that for me.
Ok, maybe I am asking too much. This wasn't exactly "Gravity's Rainbow", but I guess I was hoping for a little bit more.... well... turmoil.

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