Sunday, July 1, 2007

Change the world

Go on Gen X'ers, its time to wake up and start changing the world. Apparently we have a number of crisese on our hands and no one seem to be willing to step in and do anything about them but us. We've got wars, global warming, the collapse of Social Security, natural disasters, the list just keeps going and going. And apparently we are the only generation with enough smarts and gumption to make any sort of a difference in this quickly disentigrating world of ours. Apparently, we have to think of a solution so outrageous, so shocking that it will finally get the world talking and eventually, somewhere down the line, maybe, solve the problem.

Or maybe we are being just a bit too idealistic. Maybe we are expecting too much of ourselves and not giving the older and younger generations enough credit. Maybe there are still some lessons for us to learn before we can really say we tried our damnedest to save the world. Eventually, after the Baby Boomers go gentle into that good night and we take their place at the top of the retirement food chain, we will wonder "what the hell were we thinking?" As a nation, we are faced with a number of very real, very overwhelming crisese; there is no debating that. What is up for debate, but sadly is not being debated to seriously at the moment, is what we are going to do about them. Our current novel, "Boomsday" offers an interesting "meta"-idea for solving the Social Security crisis, which manages to get stuck in the muck and mire of US political sandbagging and deal making. But the purpose of the idea stands out still: Are we going to have to go so far as to ask our retiring parents to "transition" themselves before they collect a cent of Social Security in order to save our generation from writing the check?

At the moment, no one seems to be offering up any more possibilities. (This isn't actually being offered up as a possibility, either; remember folks, it's just fiction.) Will we be able to stop Social Security from collapsing? Will we ever find a peacefull resolution in Iraq? Will we be able to slow our consumption of raw materials and fuel enough to slow global warming? Will George W. ever learn that the word "Internet" is not plural? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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