Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Welcome to the Library

Welcome one and all to the Fog City Library, an open discussion of all things literary and bookish. I hope to fill these lines with insights and observations about literature, poetry, art, music and any goings-on around San Francisco that may fall into those four rather cavernous categories. We live in an amazing city, San Francisco. It is a place where rough and gritty fiction can rub elbows with captivating art and rebellious poetry all while listening to a new amazing band at a tiny windowless bar in the Mission, because that is what this city is. We are all at one time rough, tender, antagonistic, eccentric, compassionate, and beautiful. So welcome, San Francisco, and people from all points North, South, East, and West. Don't think of this as your typical library where silence is required. I know people have plenty to say about their favorite book, least favorite poem, or why they think Holden Caufield is an ass, and I expect them to speak up. There is no right or wrong here, only Truth. And silence is strenuously discouraged.

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