Monday, April 30, 2007

Creating Positive Change

His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited us over the weekend to spread his message of peace and compassion. He held teachings for the first two days of his visit, then for the last day (Sunday) gave a talk on the idea of creating positive change. In order to create positive change in the outside world, one must first create positive change in oneself. Sounds pretty basic, right? Then why is it so few of us can manage it?

His Holiness is probably the most content and peaceful human I have ever encountered. He is funny, genuine, jubilant and compassionate. It was amazing to see this 72 year old man, the religious leader of millions of people around the world, a man who is revered by people of all faiths, sit in front of the the thousands of people gathered laughing and telling jokes. It speaks to his contentment, to his ability to see life as a time to actively seek peace and love, and not worry about anything else.

Love and compassion, you will find, are the keys to creating positive change. If each one of us can find it in our hearts to be compassionate to each other, to put away fear and hatred and anxiety, the world will change, because each of us will have changed. When we can all create those changes in ourselves, when at last we are at peace with ourselves, we might be able to find peace in the world. It might just be that simple.

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